From Prins Dokkum to Prins Group

Prins Group has a long history. It began in 1940, as a steel company in Dokkum, Friesland. The first steel structures produced by the brand new company were destined for road construction: crash barriers and other systems to promote road safety. When the company was examining its options for expansion, it came across a different sector, greenhouse horticulture. This heralded the beginning of a success story. The greenhouses were sold in the Netherlands and later in many international destinations under the name Prins Dokkum.


Prins rapidly became more professional. To optimally serve greenhouse horticulture companies with complete greenhouse construction projects more products and expertise were added to the package. The firm specialised in developing and producing ventilation and screen systems, the design of its own aluminium deck and wall systems followed a little later. Without exception, innovations originate in-house: for over seven decades, the company has opted to bundle engineering, production and construction under the same roof. And the market is growing alongside it, with customers all over the world that value the quality and reliability Prins offers.

Innovation as a cornerstone

These days the company name’s link with Dokkum is consigned to the past. Its name is now short and businesslike: Prins Group, known as the main organisation that dispatches its subsidiaries to contribute to its success all over the world. As was true for Prins Dokkum, Prins Group continues to view innovation as a cornerstone for the success of the Dutch greenhouse and of the company itself.