The Total Growing Solution


Collecting the right information

Collecting the right information is very important to start a greenhouse project. This includes information about: local climate, pests and diseases, land information, marketing research – what to grow, price, and demand.
Greenhouse projects can be very different from one to the other, only with the right information, we can achieve the optimal result.

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Business plan

Our experts can assist with making a business plan. This helps clients to understand the advantages, investments, potential profits, and also risks.

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Our experienced team will make a detailed design of the totall greenhouse project. This includes the greenhouse project structure, installations, and systems, everything needed for the project.
The combination of crop variaties and climate conditions are a complex combination.
Prins Group uses programs such as CASTA/Kassenbouw, ‘De Glazenstad’ and MathCad applications for the design of the construction.
Both have been developed by TNO in collaboration with the Working Group of Systems Suppliers (WSL), of which Prins Group is a member.
Diverse other programs are used to calculate and design several systems.
For instance: heating - , irrigation - , and screen systems.

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After completing the design, we will start producing the materials, and prepare for the project. Engineering and production are managed in-house , in the Netherlands. This results in our own brand: Prins Group. Thanks to the modern processing machines, the materials are manufactured under the right conditions so that you are assured of high quality products.

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Prins Group’s experienced team are equipped with high quality, modern machines. Projects can be executed from the foundation to construction, including the realization of all systems, that the project requires.
This guarantees that your project will be completed with the highest quality without problems.

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Our experts will help making a maintenance schedule, check the situation of installations, and systems regularly. This prevents problems, and will prolong the life time of the systems.
Prins Group offers you the option of periodically inspecting for every aspect of your project.

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After-service and support

Prins Group supports the customer to find the right solution to grow the crop.
Prins Group has a big network with different expertise. Even after the project has been completed, the customer will be helped by people from our network.
This can be for training local people or by finding the right experienced advisors.
There are several ways to make the project successful both at the qualitative and financial levels.

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Our company exists since 1940 and has a long history.
This results in a team with a lot of knowlegde, that helps us with developing future innovations.

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Lettuce system
Research center
Climate chamber

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