Support and maintenance service

Allow Prins group to perform your company's periodic inspections

Prins Group offers you the option of periodically inspecting every aspect of your company.
As a result of our years of experience we are familiar with the common maintenance schedules that apply to greenhouses and their related systems. And we can effectively assess when maintenance is required. Using a well defined multiannual schedule you obtain a clear overview of the work needed to maintain your project in optimal condition.

Keep your greenhouse in top condition with professional maintenance and repairs

Your greenhouse has to cope with the effects of the weather. Technical systems involve moving parts. No horticultural business can afford a delay of a couple of hours - or worse still, a day. Therefore a maximum guarantee of the continuity of the business operations begins with proper maintenance. Prins Group is also the ultimate partner for keeping your greenhouse and related systems in the very best condition. And as a result for extending their lifespan.

Effective deployment in the event of a fault - breakdown service

Have you suffered a fault? Or are repairs in order? We are at your service. Wherever you are located in the world. Thanks to modern communication resources remote control is an adequate solution for many faults. And if not, one of our specialists will get behind the wheel or jump on a plane without delay. In other countries our partners are ready and waiting to provide you with an optimal service. And we can always support your own technical staff by telephone.