- Just a few days untill GreenTech 2018 starts!

HortiDaily interviewed Prins Group about how we see the horticultural industry future and about participating at GreenTech 2018.

1. What is your contribution to the advancement of the global horticulture industry?
Prins Group has been an expert of complete greenhouse projects, nationally and internationally, for more than 78 years. In more than 45 countries we have been able to build high-tech greenhouse projects and also long-term relationships. These high-tech greenhouse projects produce products in a very sustainable manner. In this way Prins Group contributes to a higher food safety and a more sustainable world.

2. What would you say is the most important topic in horticulture at the moment?
We think that the most important topic in horticulture at the moment is a combination of high-tech technology with many years of knowledge and experience . By applying this combination in complete greenhouse projects, a contribution is made to a higher food safety. In addition, a part of the need for the growing demand for healthy food in the world is also being fulfilled.

3. What will you be doing at the GreenTech? Will you present any novelties during the trade show?
Greentech is a big event where people from all over the world come together. We would like to share, exchange, and learn the experience and knowledge with each other. Furtheron to apply and to contribute to the future. In our completely renewed booth we have a number of examples of current technological developments. As an example the fully automatic lettuce system.

4. What project that you’re currently involved in are you most proud of?
We are proud of every project that we deliver. Every project is unique and entirely made to the customer’s wishes. An example of a recently delivered complete greenhouse project, of which we are also very proud, is BUCG in China. With 9 notably different departments in one total projects, which including commercial tomato greehouse, propagation area, research and exhibition area etc. the grower can achieve multi goals at the same time. We also introduced the the fully automatic lettuce system to China with this project, which we have got very positive feedback.

5. How do you see the future of horticulture?
It is expected that the world population will increase in the coming years. With our complete greenhouse projects we try to react as good as possible to this topic. In this complete greenhouse projects healthy and safety food will be produced. This is required for the growing population and changing of lifestyle associated with rapid urbanization.

Like to know more? Visit us during the GreenTech 2018 from June 12 untill June 14, in RAI Amsterdam. You can find us in booth 12.212!