- Prins Group introduces own brand image

In addition to the brand name ‘Prins Group’, we have been communicating for a long time ‘The Total Growing Solution’ as a slogan for our company. To make this slogan bigger and more recognizable, we have developed a brand image in collaboration with ‘Panorama Studios’. In this way, a professionalization is made in our external communication.

This brand image shows what Prins Group stands for! We provide “The Total Growing Solution” to our customers, which means that we are delivering more and more turnkey projects worldwide.
In addition to the ‘Prins Group’ logo, we will also show our brand image more often.

Over the last few weeks, this brand image has already been implemented at various locations within the organization (see picture). Also take a look at our updated website: www.prinsgroup.com for more information.

Wondering what ‘Total Growing Solution’ Prins Group can offer you, please contact us at our email address: sales@prinsgroup.com