- New plant nursery Wouters completed

Recently, Prins Group has delivered a beautiful 3,5 hecatere greenhouse project at the Wouters nursery in Ens, The Netherlands. This family business, founded in 1956, is still run by family Wouters.

Wouters nursery was founded in Brabant where vegetables were grown. ‘Granddad’ Wouters moved the greenhouse growing business and started as one of the first horticultural companies in the Noordoostpolder, Flevoland. At the end of the 1970s, the transition was made to cutting chrysanthemums, in the 80’s this was transformed into pot and bedding plants in combination with strawberries and chicory. Slowly, Wouters nursery has grown into a pot and bedding plants company. These include violins, bedding plants, bolchrysanthemum, and poinsettias.

Wouters nursery has its own product line ‘Festival Colors’ with a variety of mix combinations that are available in many different pot sizes. This product line has been developed to indulge consumers and to enjoy immediately. ‘In our test area garden, the various mix combinations are developed and tested under consumer conditions. Thus, we know that we are not only delivering a great final product as end result, but we can also guarantee a good garden performance to the consumer, Frido said. Inside the company, sustainability is paramount and biomass heating is being used in cultivation.

According to Frido and Ad, the expansion to 39.5 hectares of glass went well. Frido: “From the beginning phase (before the purchase took place) the support was very good. Together with Prins Group we have visited other customers where diffuse glass is used in the greenhouse project. Through positive and enthusiastic stories from Prins Group and its customers, we have made our decision and made the choice for diffuse glass. We have not used this type of glass before and this makes the extension extra special. The cooperation with the greenhouse building team in the construction phase has also been very pleasant. The whole team is very motivated and committed to the project, this made the communication very good and easy. In addition, the greenhouse project has been completed in once without delay, which is a big plus.”

With creating this greenhouse project, Wouters nursery hopes to optimize the products so that customers can blindly buy the products. “We are very pleased with the result and the first cooperation with Prins Group and we will definitely recommend Prins Group to other growers,” Frido and Ad said.