- Unique 'home match' for Prins Group

Recently Prins Group completed a greenhouse project for Handelskwekerij Gebr. Grootscholten in Kwintsheul. The realization took place a stone’s throw away from the Prins Group company. This nearly 75-year old family nursery is run by brothers John and Mark Grootscholten. Since January 2017 Remy van der Knaap has joined this management team.

The assortment of Handelskwekerij Gebr. Grootscholten consists mainly of bedding plants and garden plants. In particular in spring, there is a high demand for a wider and larger assortment. As a result, it was necessary for Gebr. Grootscholten to grow the business and to increase its own production, says John Grootscholten. Consequently the choice was made for the recently completed new building.

“The construction of the new building went very well and according to plan. There were few if any setbacks. The Prins Group (assembly / construction / glazing) teams are very nice and unique hardworking people. Even during the very hot days last summer, there never was a complaint. The whole team has been able to remove my worries. I look back with a good feeling at the whole period, but now I am also pleased that the new building can be put into operation,” John reports.

An exceptional aspect of the new building is that it is across the street opposite the other company, and within walking distance of John’s house. The new building is connected to the existing business for water, electricity and heating. Therefore, the new building is seen more as an added extension than as a new company. “This will make all production very efficient. All this together will really make the coming spring very enjoyable.”

Gebr. Grootscholten hope that the extension will allow them to provide even better service to the (regular) customer group, for example by offering them a wider range. John: “Cooperation with Prins Group was very pleasant. I am very satisfied with the work as delivered by Prins Group and I would definitely recommend them to other growers.”