- Prins Group takes over industrial buildings

Prins Group takes over the industrial buildings of their neighbour per 1 January, 2016.
Due to the growth of the company, among many other projects abroad, there is plenty of storage and transhipment needed.
Prins Group became to big for her current building, this expansion is therefore very welcome.

The industrial buildings, which are take over, are more than 5000sqm in size, and will be re-arranged to develop the company’s operations as well as possible.
These halls are adjacent to the company of the Prins Group.
Partly because of this, it is the ideal opportunity for expansion.
Because of this the meetings with the neighbour around the acquisition went very fast and pleasant.
After all, you don’t get the chance to take overthe building of your ‘neighbour’ every day.

Therefore it can certainly be said that Prins Group is very proud to be the owner of these industrial buildings.
It is a great opportunity to grow even further.