Prins receives CE marking

On 30 June 2014, Prins Greenhouse Projects, a division of the Prins Group, received a CE marking on the basis of an audit by the Dutch certification organization Kiwa. This marking is another way that the Prins Group works to guarantee the highest quality.

Being granted the CE marking means that Prins fulfils the legislation and regulations stipulated by the NEN-EN 1090 standard. With the CE marking, we state that all products designed, manufactured, and worked by Prins have been tested and comply with the European guidelines and constructional requirements relating to quality, safety, the environment, and health. This marking is valid for constructional steel and aluminium and parts for constructional use in all types of greenhouse building. Prins Group was granted the marking after an audit performed by Kiwa.

NEN-EN 1090
Since 1 July 2014, all European companies which produce steel and aluminium constructions must comply with the legislation regulated by the NEN-EN 1090 standard. The standard applies to all deliveries in the European Union and supersedes the various regulations at the level of the individual countries. The standard applies to the design, manufacture, and construction of steel and aluminium constructional parts.