The realization of a unique greenhouse project for lily grower van der Marel

Last December the first lilies were planted in the new greenhouse of the van der Marel family in Amstelveen. The results of using the latest techniques in the greenhouse were astonishing. It was Prins Group who realized this turnkey project. The greenhouse is equipped with diffuse glass, single-sided ridge continuous ventilation and a single roof roll-up screen system on one side of the roof on the outside. The goal was to develop a greenhouse that improves the quality of the product and a better regulation of the climate. The greenhouse is being constructed in phases, of which the first phase of one hectare is now realized.

Diffuse glass
The greenhouse has diffuse glass with anti-reflection (AR) treatment. Diffuse glass creates an equal spreading of light and the anti-reflection treatment reduces the reflective qualities of the glass so the percentage of light transmission increases. Because of this technique the crop reacts as if it grows outside. The color of the flower is more intense and the crop is heavier.

Continuous rooftop ventilation
The new Venlo greenhouse with bays of four meters and a trellis girder of eight meters has a one single-sided continuous ridge ventilation. This ventilation system provides the greenhouse with enough ventilation and also takes care of the humidity.

Technical installation
Measurements have been taken to keep the greenhouse cool and to improve the climate. On the outside of the roof the greenhouse is equipped with a single roof- roll-up screen system and on the inside with an energy screen. There is also a high pressure fog system to cool down the temperature in the greenhouse and/or regulate the humidity level. These installations are provided by Stolze.

Eekhout Bouw realized the construction of the work area.

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