Research center

Prins Group is not only working on commercial greenhouse, but also special greenhouses for research purposes.

Different from commercial companies, in research center each compartment is in smaller scale, and must be operated independently from each other. Environmental conditions in the greenhouse are computer controlled and monitored 24/7. Automated environmental controls including heating, cooling, humidifying or de-humidifying, photoperiod lighting, shading and thermal screens, watering and fertilizing, and much more than these.

Simulating seasons

Accuracy and efficiency are the key factors for research facilities. Any season: winter, spring, summer or autumn, should be possible to simulated in the greenhouse despite of the reality outside. And different seasons can happen at the same time in different compartments. For example when the outdoor temperature in August is 25 degrees, section 3 will be midwinter, while section 5 is in Spring. Cooling capacity must be considerable to create that climate, and isolation should be well designed. This will be vice versa for heating the greenhouse to create summer in the sections, while outside is winter.

The facility is an essential component on plant breeding and genetics, phytoremediation, plant propagation, and weed and insect pest control research. These particular adjustments can help to bring back the breeding process from ten years to approx. seven years. In this way the research can be done much more quickly and it saves a lot of investment.