Indoor farming

Enough food for the planet

The world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050, of which, 85% will be living in cities. The world will need to produce about 50% more food than it currently does. However the environmental degradation, climate change, pests and diseases, and land availability, all of these threatens are forcing us to find a better way of farming.
Nowadays growers are trying their best to adjust the existing climate for plant to grow, for example with screens, heating, cooling systems, CO2 dosing… But what about another way of thinking - to create paradise for plant, which you can provide fully controlled environment. This “plant paradise” can be achieved by Indoor farming.

Why indoor farming?

  • Independent of climate, place and time. You can have Indoor farming in basement, warehouse… anywhere you want.
  • Local to local , more fresh, much safer, and more sustainable
  • Water saving: Hydroponic / aeroponics growing system, 10 percent of the water traditional farm requires.
  • Energy saving: LED light converts light into chemical energy at lower power, higher efficiency, more uniform distribution.
  • Pesticide free, high food safety
  • Easier to grow, and remote-control. Because the climate can be 100% controlled over the growing process, and all the negative factors are isolated
  • Higher land use efficiency and higher yield.