Global knowledge transfer

Prins Group makes the world smarter with Dutch expertise

No country in the world has as much horticultural expertise as The Netherlands. We can put this knowledge to good use to, for example, help solve the global food problem. This is one of the thoughts behind Prins Group. Prominent Dutch horticultural suppliers work closely together in Prins Group. The idea: to educate and train staff from horticultural businesses all over the world to get more out of their business!

Prins Group’s mission: we want to play an active role in the transfer of knowledge and skills. Investors and authorities in other horticultural countries have access to the latest know-how through Prins Group with added value for cultivating vegetables, flowers and plants.

Prins Group adopts a practical, realistic approach. The high quality horticultural technology that is common in the Netherlands is not always available in other parts of the world. Therefore we always take into account the equipment and resources available at the location concerned. We teach employees of horticultural businesses to better manage these systems and techniques. This way we help them to obtain higher yields from their production and improve the quality and logistics at their company. We can also provide your project with the right management, to jointly ensure that the projects’ execution is a success in both qualitative and financial terms. In short, that it is a sound investment.