Project Oberlin 5 acres - USA

Prins Group is working hard on a beautiful turn-key project in the USA. For the third time in three years, we provide an extension of the construction project of Green Circle Growers.
This project is built by Prins Group and its partner Prins USA.

The customer, Green Circle Growers, is a leading specialist of bedding plants, orchids (Phalaenopsis) and is also cutting supplier.
For this customer Prince already realized many projects.
The customer is one of the largest growers in the Midwest (Oberlin) and growing at very environmentally conscious manner.
The heat is produced by including a wood boiler and gas boilers.

One of the previously built projects is for growing mini orchids and consists of a Venlo greenhouse with a surface area of about 6,000 sqm.
This project includes indoor and outdoor screening systems. A previously constructed greenhouse project is for growing Anthurium, Bromeliads and Phalaenopsis with an area of approximately 16,000 sqm.

Compared to the two previously built Venlo greenhouses, this third project is a Cabrio greenhouse of over 20,000 sqm.
This turn-key greenhouse is made for growing young plants and growing bedding plants.
Prins Group takes care of the engineering, production and construction of the entire project, together with Prins USA.
The roof of the greenhouse is equipped with diffused glass with AR treatment.
The project is fully turn-key and have ebb and flood cement floors, double screen, and heating systems to grow in the best way.

Prins Group is very proud of the special relationship with customer Green Circle Growers and hopes to be able to construct many more beautiful projects for them.