Project Quebec 2 - Canada

In Canada Prins Group built a nice ± 81,000 sqm turn-key greenhouse project for a customer in Quebec. Prins Group created this project together with partner Prins Greenhouses. The project consists of 3.8 hectares of biological cucumber cultivation and 3.8 hectares biological pepper cultivation. The customer, has three business lines: supplier for young plants for outdoor horticulture, lettuce growing, growing biological cucumbers and biological peppers.

Prins Group and partner Prins Greenhouses, provided the engineering, production and construction of the entire project. The project includes diffuse glass, which is equipped with 2-sided AR treatment. In the greenhouse we’ve fitted insect netting and the deck is equipped with 2-pane ventilation windows. The greenhouse project also includes warehouse, a part of this area is furnished as a cold store. This refrigerator is equipped with a second ceiling of insulated panels to save energy. The entire warehouse is equipped with powder coating. Also, the deck and the walls of the warehouse is provided with insulated panels.

Prins Group is very happy with the good cooperation with partner Prins Greenhouses and hopes to build more projects together.