Every greenhouse is constructed smoothly from start to finish

Horticultural turnkey projects must be constructed by specialists with the right knowledge and experience. We have our own greenhouse builders that know better than anyone how to handle the machinery, materials and systems, Prins Group realizes horticultural projects all over the world. With over 75 years’ experience and having contributed to the evolution of the greenhouse, Prins Group has the in-house knowledge to realize unusual projects aswell. Your entire project is realized by a single organisation. Projects can be executed from the foundations, construction of the greenhouse and systems, including the related business premises. This is absolutely invaluable to you, the client!

Prins Group’s experienced greenhouse builders are equipped with high quality, modern machines. This guarantees that your project will be realized with the utmost quality and without problems.

Maximum quality and safety guarantee

Prins Group is pleased to offer you maximum security in terms of quality and safety. That’s why we are ISO 9001 and VCA* certified and possess a CE certificate for steel and aluminium constructions. This allows us to guarantee customer satisfaction and a structured and safe working environment.

A culture of continuous improvement ensures that Prins Group continues to comply with the applicable requirements and expectations of clients as well as the organisation itself. Every year Prins Group is inspected by a certified company to establish whether it complies with the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations. The VCA*, ISO 9001 and CE certificate confirm what Prins Group stands for: professionalism, quality and safety.