Prins group views innovation as a cornerstone of its activities. Several innovations that we are proud of are: PDA gutters and PD Light deck. Prins Group supplies your greenhouse complete with the latest gutter, deck and wall systems. Our own engineers optimally integrate these components in the greenhouse’s design.

In association with TNO programs such as MathCad and GlazenStad were designed to achieve the unique Prins system. Thanks to these programs and over 75 years’ experience, Prins Group is able to engineer all systems in-house.

Aluminium gutters

Prins Group designed the innovative PDA gutter. This ultra lightweight system can be supplied in all greenhouse sizes and fitted with prefab click fasteners. Due to the strong, narrow profile the greenhouse benefits from maximum insolation. The unique gutters are supplied in various designs depending on the desired load.

Aluminium deck systems

Prins Group has designed its very own greenhouse deck system: the PD Light deck. Thanks to its slim design this deck provides the greenhouse with substantial light gains. At the same time the deck is incredibly strong, due to the application of unique and well-thought-out profile designs. The result is a greenhouse deck that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. The system’s uniqueness lies in the fasteners, namely the system for fastening the roof poles on the gutter.

Aluminium (decorative) wall systems

Prins Group produces and supplies wall systems for all common types of greenhouses. These wall systems are suitable for glass, 16 mm polycarbonate and 16 mm insulation glass. What’s more, diverse glass panes and panel sizes can be used. We also supply solutions that go one step further for modern decorative wall systems for business premises. These decorative walls can be supplied in any colour you like.